About Me

I love me! Not in a selfish kind of way but I keep myself close to my heart and I am enjoying my time on Earth.

I have my ups and downs, rights and wrongs, to navigate and learn in the process, is what makes my life exciting. When it comes to Food world, I like to create happiness through a simple dish, eat well. be content, be amazed, create moments, and lately more than ever I enjoy my eating TOGETHER moments, feed ourselves together and enjoy or not enjoy together, what matters is to be together. I hope you will enjoy my delicious blueprint.

Labneh sandwich or Icone Labneh!

Food design and food styling projects.



Des pates, des pates… My current collaboration with the pasta people, Panzani. I am very happy to be their brand ambassador.

Emak Urban Spa

My pretty cool collaboration with Emak, my favorite pampering space in Beirut. Emak. I have been their proud ambassador along with Romina

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