Yalangi Dolma


A meat free delicacy that just melts in the mouth! Yalangi Dolma is simply stuffed vegetables with a colorful stuffing that looks a lot like tabouleh with round rice instead of bulgur wheat.

Dolma means stuffed in Turkish and because it has no meat like it usually does in the Eastern cuisine, they call it the fake dolma or the liar dolma. My mom happens to be Turkish, this is why I am familiar with the root of the Eastern cuisine, Turkey. So how to make this vegetarian dish.

If you like eggplants and you happen to have small ones, you might add them to your dolma. Zucchini is essential, you might want to add colorful bell peppers or vine leaves. Yes we roll vine leaves, you might have tried them in Turkey, Greece or Syria but I am not sure you tried the thin Lebanese ones, did you? Un delice.

Before you start, let me give you some visual insights!

If you know how to empty zucchinis and eggplants and you have the right tool, go ahead, just be sure not to break them like I did on many occasions. Ask yourself, how much skin I am leaving.

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